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Name:Bridget Hill
Birthdate:Jan 14
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    - Bridget Hill isn’t a particularly nice or friendly person, but she’s fairly social. It’s more snarky than anything else and she’s a bit emotionally constipated and tact isn’t her strong suit, but she tries. Hell, she might even be kind sometimes.
    - Her past sucks. She won’t talk about it much, but might mention that she’s never met her mom, that her dad is an ass and that her half-brother hates her guts.
    - Bridget has a list of vices that could probably go on for miles, but her worst are drinking, sex and caffeine. She’s dabbled in less legal drugs, but thankfully for her, not to an extent where she’s reliant on them. For now, at least.
    - She wants to be an engineer, but can’t really afford school, so she’s working as a car mechanic and doing odd (mostly legal) jobs to supplement it. However she’s more book-smart than people give her credit for.
    - She also does a bit of art, but that’s just a hobby.
    - Oh, and whenever she sleeps she gets visions of people who’re dying and only knows that they’ll die within the week and within a fifty mile radius. Sometimes she tries to stop it, but more often than not, she can’t do anything or comes too late.

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